You are currently viewing Dating a man with Peyronie’s disease – Story of Rose Williams
dating a man with peyronie's disease

Dating a man with Peyronie’s disease – Story of Rose Williams

Dating a man with Peyronie’s disease – Story of Rose Williams

Dating a man with Peyronie's disease
Dating a man with Peyronie’s disease

Hello readers, This is the story of Rose Williams, one of our genuine readers who shared her story of dating a man with Peyronie’s disease.

She is now 65 years old have been living with her husband since she was 35. it was her second marriage. he’s name is David he had Peyronie’s when they actually met.

Rose said, she was unware of the fact that her partner David was having early stages of Peyronie’s disease. “Our relationship was going well until a few years after we started dating, David started shying away or trying to avoid me,” Rose Williams says.

At this time, she started having doubts about something going wrong. David was obviously having a tough time telling his partner that his Peyronie’s disease was restricting his sexual ability.

One of the negative aspects of dating a man with Peyronie’s disease is that they don’t really open up about their situation. What can they do? It is one of those embarrassing moments for which they are not prepared.

She said, after few days of spending alone “he come to me and told me that he is having this weird thing with his penis.” the next thing we did was booking an appointment with local GP.

GP did physical examination and suggested to have a checkup by a urologist. after a week they went to the urologist where he started shockwave therapy along with some supplementation of vitamin e.

After about two months David’s symptoms like curvature and pain was gone so he discontinued the treatment. but unfortunately this curvature came back again this time it was growing rapidly.

This time he had no choice other than surgical treatment so David went under a surgical operation and after two-three weeks he was okay and back to the normal life.

Our thought

It’s really good to see a man getting rid of Peyronie’s disease, but it is more pleasurable to see his partner supporting him throughout his treatment journey.

Dating a man with Peyronie’s disease is not a easy thing, you really have to care about his feeling more than what you use to do.

You have to avoid such things which can make him feel embarrassing or irritating. to keep your relationship healthy throughout this journey stay committed to your partner and get an appropriate treatment plan.

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