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Vitamin E for Peyronie's Disease

Vitamin E for Peyronie’s Disease

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidant vitamins which also has some promising results in the reduction of scar tissue.

Due scar tissue reduction property of Vitamin E, it has been widely used by many people to manage symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease.

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin required for the proper functioning of the body. it can be found in various vegetable oils, cereals, meat, poultry, eggs, and fruits.

Vitamin E is known for its strong antioxidant properties which also promote healthy skin and eyes, and improve the body’s immunity system.

Can Vitamin E cure Peyronie’s disease?

Can Vitamin E cure Peyronie's disease?
Can Vitamin E cure Peyronie’s disease?

Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress by inactivating free radicals in the body. It also effectively promotes wound healing and provides an anti-inflammatory effect.

Vitamin E was first prescribed in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease in 1948 and due to its cost efficiency, it still remains one of the most popular choices for Peyronie’s disease. (Source)

Oral drug therapy like Vitamin E consumption can make plaques smaller which might help in the improvement of curvature of the penis. It is effective in early-stage hourglass Peyronie’s disease.

For decades, vitamin e has been commonly prescribed for Peyronie’s disease treatment. Yes, it is 100% effective in scarring of the skin however its effect on Peyronie’s disease has not been proved.

How to use Vitamin E for Peyronie’s disease?

How to use Vitamin E for Peyronie's disease?
How to use Vitamin E for Peyronie’s disease?

Vitamin E as a monotherapy does not provide a strong solution for Peyronie’s disease but in conjugation, with other medication, it can provide significant results.

According to this study, vitamin E + verapamil (injection + iontophoresis) + blueberries + propolis + topical diclofenac has shown significant improvement in scar tissue reduction and curvature due to Peyronie’s disease.

Another study revealed vitamin e 300 mg + 1 gm propionyl-L-carnitine orally twice daily and reported a 59.2% decrease in pain and an 18.4% reduction in the curvature.

So to conclude how to use Vitamin E for Peyronie’s disease I would say there are way more effective treatments available for Peyronie’s disease especially Xiaflex injection.

If you want to use Vitamin E I would say take at least 300mg dose twice a day along with any other scar tissue dissolving medication.

How much Vitamin E for Peyronie’s disease?

How much Vitamin E for Peyronie's disease
How much Vitamin E for Peyronie’s disease

As said earlier, Vitamin e does not play any extensive role in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. But using it along with other medicines can be useful.

The maximum dosage of Vitamin E is around 300 mg/day (1,500 IU/day) you can take it along with other medications like colchicine, collagenase or verapamil injections.

For maximum benefits, you should continue to take vitamin e for three months along with daily 10 minutes of vacuum pump straightning excercise.

Does Vitamin E help Peyronie’s disease?

Does Vitamin E help Peyronie's disease?
Does Vitamin E help Peyronie’s disease?

By going through many studies of vitamin e in Peyronie’s disease we are not sure about its effectiveness.

Yes, there are some studies suggesting Vitamin e in peyronie’s disease but there are way too much effective medicines available to treat Peyronie’s disease.

So to answer your question “Does Vitamin E help Peyronie’s disease?” i would say yes, it does work if taken in the early satges. however, we do not recommend Vitamin E as a monotherapy to treat PD.

What Vitamins are good for Peyronie’s disease?

Considering the morphology of Peyronie’s disease Vitamin E is considered most useful. Vitamin E significantly reduces the plaque formation on the body. however, it is advised to use it for atleast 3 months to see significant effectiveness.

How long should i take Vitamin E for Peyronie’s disease?

It is an interesting question because there is no well established research to answer it. However, we suggest you to take vitamin e for atleast three months to see significant decrease in plaque formation on the penile area.

Prevention of Peyronie’s Disease

Lack of knowledge about causes of Peyronie’s disease makes it difficult to prevent it. However, there are some precautionary majors you can take to avoid it.

  • Use vacuum pumps whenever you feel you are starting to have curvature in the penis.
  • Regularly massage and check your penis for any signs of Peyronie’s disease.
  • Visit a urologist every time you feel there is any kind of deformity you notice in your penis.
  • Make sure you avoid any kind of injury to your penis.
  • Do not have aggresive sex where you might hurt your penis.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin e is an essential vitamin needed for many essential body functions. It has powerful antioxidant functions which can help you in reducing oxidative stress. Naturally you can take it from plenty of foods including:

  • Almonds
  • Hazle Nuts
  • Pine Nuts
  • Goose Meat
  • Avocado
  • Mango
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Lobster
  • Cod
  • Blackberries
  • Olives
  • Raspberries
  • Broccoli
  • Mustard Greens
  • Spinach
  • Grapeseed Oil

Best Vitamin E Supplements for Peyronie’s Disease

Chosing best supplement of vitamin e can be a really tough job. There are various brands available out there claiming best quality. following is the list of top supplements we recommend you should use.

Designs for Health Annatto-E 300

  • High quality Vitamin E with most potent form of tocopherol.
  • Supports cardiovascular health, skin health, eye health, bone health, and healthy aging.
  • Reduce scar tissue formation which can help in Peyronie’s disease.
  • Richest and most authentic source of tocotrienols is procured from annatto seed.
  • Single serving provides 300mg of high purity Vitamin E.

Nature Made Vitamin E 180 mg (400 IU)

  • This best vitamin e supplement provides 180 mg (400 IU) of Vitamin E. it means you have to take it twice a day to meet reqired dosage of Peyronie’s disease.  
  • Sourced from highly pure ingredients with no added color, flavor or any other preservative.
  • Powerful formula to reduce oxidative stress and reduce formation of scar tissue on the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vitamin E potentially help in treating Peyronie’s Disease?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant known for its ability to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. In the context of Peyronie’s Disease, it is believed that vitamin E’s antioxidant properties may help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, slowing down the progression of the condition and providing relief from symptoms.

Is Vitamin E supplementation recommended for Peyronie’s Disease?

While some studies suggest potential benefits, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any vitamin E supplementation regimen.

Can Vitamin E completely cure Peyronie’s Disease?

While studies suggest potential benefits, there is no conclusive evidence that Vitamin E can completely cure Peyronie’s Disease. It may help manage symptoms and slow down progression, but further research is needed to establish its efficacy as a primary treatment.

Can Vitamin E be used in combination with other treatments for Peyronie’s Disease?

Combining Vitamin E with other treatments may be considered, but it depends on individual cases.

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