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Early Stage Hourglass Peyronie's Disease

Early Stage Hourglass Peyronie’s Disease

If you are looking for early stage Hourglass Peyronie’s disease symptoms then you have come to the right place. in this article, we will discuss in detail about early stages of Hourglass Peyronie’s disease.

In terms of symptoms, Hourglass Peyronie’s disease is quite different than normal Peyronie’s disease. however, there are some patterns in the early stages that you can use to identify your Hourglass Peyronie’s disease early and treat it before it gets worse.

Most men get over panic whenever they see any symptoms of Hourglass Peyronie’s disease. to all of them just stop panicking you are not going to lose your penis. Hourglass Peyronie’s disease is 100% curable no matter at what stage you are at.

What is Hourglass Peyronie’s Disease?

Hourglass Peyronie’s disease is a non-cancerous deformity of the penis where there is excessive scar tissue formation on both sides of the penis which makes your penis look like an Hourglass.

The main difference between normal Peyronie’s disease and Hourglass Peyronie’s disease is that scar tissue formation. in Peyronie’s disease scar tissue appears on only one side but in Hourglass Peyronie’s disease, it either appears on both sides or in a round shape.

Early stage Hourglass Peyronie’s disease

Early stage Hourglass Peyronie's disease
Early stage Hourglass Peyronie’s disease

Hourglass Peyronie’s disease has two distinct stages namely acute and chronic. the early stage of Hourglass Peyronie’s disease is known as the acute stage which is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the penis area,
  • Formation of scar tissue around the penis (you can feel it when touched),
  • Pain while erection,
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Pain in the penile area when you wake up in the morning.

In the early stage of Hourglass Peyronie’s disease body starts to deposit excessive collagen into the myofibroblasts generated due to microtrauma to the penis.

This phase lasts for about 12-18 months before it gets to the next stage the chronic stage where it becomes more complicated and may require a surgical operation.

How common is Hourglass Peyronie’s disease?

Hourglass Peyronies disease is the most common disease that affects it happens in about 2 out of 200 people men aged between 40 to 60 years.

What are common symptoms of early-stage Hourglass Peyronie’s disease?

There are many symptoms that vary from the person to person depending on their deformity.

The most common symptoms of early-stage hourglass Peyronie’s disease are:

  • lumps in the penis
  • pain while getting full erections
  • trouble while having sex
  • pain in the penis area

These symptoms of early-stage hourglass Peyronie’s disease can be used to detect the early presence of HPD and get it treated before it gets worsen.

Can spotting the early stage of Hourglass Peyronie’s disease help in treatment?

Yes, obviously early detection of not only hourglass Peyronie’s disease but any other disease also helps in the early treatment or prevention of the disease from getting worsen.

What are treatment options for Hourglass Peyronie’s disease?

In the most common cases, Hourglass Peyronie’s disease does not go away on its own and most healthcare providers suggest it treat without surgery.

Men with early-stage hourglass Peyronie’s disease should take it more seriously and treat it before it gets to the next stage also known as the chronic stage.

Oral drugs

Men who are in the early stage or acute stage are mostly suggested to go with oral supplementation to treat hourglass Peyronie’s disease but many people believe to go with the injection option as oral drugs take too much time in showing any significant improvement.

  • Vitamin E – yes there are many studies suggesting the use of Vitamin E in treating Hourglass Peyronie’s disease. it is mainly due to Vitamin E having the properties to dissolve scar tissue and reduce curvature.
  • Tamoxifen – it is another steroid option that is used in removing tumors. in hourglass Peyronie’s disease, it works by removing excessive plaque formed on the penis.
  • Collagenase injections are the only FDA-approved treatment for Peyronie’s Disease. it works by dissolving extra collagen which is deposited in your scar tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hourglass Peyronie’s Disease?

Hourglass Peyronie’s Disease is a non-cancerous form of penile deformity characterized by scar tissue formed as a ring on the penis resulting in your penis looking like an hourglass.

is it possible to spot early-stage Hourglass Peyronie’s Disease?

Yes, it is possible to spot Hourglass Peyronie’s disease in the early stages. you can do it by noticing some changes and symptoms.

How to spot early-stage Hourglass Peyronie’s disease?

Pain in the penis or pain while erection is the most common symptom of early-stage hourglass Peyronie’s disease.

What causes Hourglass Peyronie’s disease?

There is not any known cause of Hourglass Peyronie’s disease but it is believed that it is caused due to a micro trauma to the penis, aggressive sex which included bending of the penis, or due to the bigger pelvic bone of your sex partner.


In conclusion, early-stage Peyronie’s disease can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life.

However, with timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment, individuals affected by this condition can find relief from their symptoms and regain their sexual function.

It is essential for those experiencing any symptoms associated with this condition to seek medical attention promptly in order to receive proper care and support.

Remember that you are not alone in facing this challenge; there are healthcare professionals who specialize in treating Peyronie’s disease and are dedicated to helping you through every step of your journey towards recovery.

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